The year in my Cotswold Village


It’s been an eventful year here in the Cotswolds, with several twists and turns both in UK as a whole, and in my little part of it. Life rarely goes exactly as we plan and that’s certainly been the case with my eco-build.

However, while there have been frustrations and delays, there have also been magical moments, excitement and progress. I wrote about one of those magical moments in Fitting Solar Panels to a New Roof. (That moment actually happened at the tail end of 2015, but since I relived it in post in 2016 – it counts!)

Whatever you are doing, sometimes it’s good just to take time out just to appreciate the world around you. A couple of days ago I was awed by a sudden mist that came creeping into the village.

I’ve also been awed by the positive response to this blog. When we launched back in the summer, with our Welcome post, I had almost no idea about blogging –I’ve learned such a lot in that time!

I also had no idea what to expect and I’ve felt so touched by some of the feedback we’ve received, with people calling it, “an amazing project,” and, “ambitious.”

It stops me in my tracks to hear those things – I’ve grown so used to this project, I forget how unusual it is. Not everyone is busy making their house into an eco-home!

If you have ever wondered How to Prepare for an Eco-Renovation then you are not alone, because that is my most popular post! If you haven’t read it already, do check it out. After that I suggest First Steps of an Eco Renovation it’s my favourite post! Why? Because it was so very exciting to start! Seeing the behind the scenes guts of my house, and how different it looked. Then seeing the builders begin to put it back together again.

What’s in store for 2017?

First off we will be lime rendering the whole inside of the house. If you have no idea what lime render is, don’t worry! Nor did I a couple of years ago, and now I’m (almost) an expert. Or at least, I know enough to explain to you why it’s so important!

There will also be all sorts of other exciting things happening – including eventually finishing the renovation. But there’s a while to go yet, so do come with me on the journey!

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