Hi! I’m Pam.

This blog is a record of the renovation of my house, from a draughty, cold old-fashioned building to a modern eco-home.

All of us want our planet to survive, even if some of us don’t act like it. Many of us are concerned about the environment, but sometimes we don’t know what to do to make a difference. I was like that a few years ago, while living in London – I was doing all I could to try to live an eco life, but it never felt enough. So if you feel like that, I understand! In preparation for rebuilding my old Cotswold cottage as a modern eco-home, I have learned so much and I am now excited to share with you.

I’m not some special sort of eco-warrior. I am just a regular person like you. I work as a designer, specialising in printed designs, mainly for fabric but also for greetings cards and wrapping paper.

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